Brand new, but tried and tested

SigmaTerm brings professional quality terminal emulation to the Mac platform with a modern interface. But it's more than just a pretty face; SigmaTerm is loaded with all the features that come with being based on an emulation platform with more than ten years of development.

Connection icon

Connect the way you want

SigmaTerm supports all the connection methods you'll need: SSH, Telnet, RLOGIN, and serial. And don't worry about not having the option you need —  you can fully control every setting on every protocol.

We've even wrapped all of the sometimes confusing SSH host key and identity management features in a nice friendly interface, complete with full help available at all times. No hand editing of text files required.

Emulator Icon

All the emulations

SigmaTerm comes with all the emulations you need for connecting to just about any host. From ANSI-series emulations like VT100 and Linux console, all the way to WYSE 50/60 and TVI.

And coming soon in SigmaTerm Pro, IBM TN3270 and TN5250 will round out the already full suite.

Printer icon

Looks good on paper, too

Lots of legacy applications have very specific printing requirements - and SigmaTerm can accommodate all of them. Need to print pages with 132 columns but only 30 lines? No problem. Want to fit it on a four-up A6 sized landscaped sheet on tray four? Done.

SigmaTerm can use any printer that can be used by your Mac, and make it work like your legacy app expects. In fact, SigmaTerm can even work with printers that aren't directly supported by your desktop, such as serial printers commonly used for printing labels. SigmaTerm can even handle binary print jobs using the standard transparent print mechanism of the terminals.